Keep Sprints On Schedule

Focus on goals to get sprints done on time, exactly as planned.

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Predict Bottlenecks Before They Happen


Monitor and address bottlenecks before they happen with proactive notifications, and an AI assistant that gives you LIVE risk reports on every project.

Sprint Templates


Organize stories in your backlog and quickly sort them into different sprints.

Custom Fields


Create custom fields and work types to suit your project and process.

Automate Tedious Tasks Like Ticket Updates & Project Tracking

Let Leiga handle your repeatable tasks, like updating projects and people, so you can concentrate on the work you enjoy doing.



Streamline your work with auto-creating and auto-assigning, improving efficiency and accelerating value delivery.

Stay Informed


Set up custom automations to get timely updates on the things that matter most.

Email/IM Integration


Connect email and Slack directly to Leiga, and get project updates however you prefer.

AutomationsStay Informedanumation list

Share Ideas Instantly With Screen Recording

Create screen recordings and attach them to tasks so you can show teammates bugs instead of writing lengthy descriptions.

leiga detail
leiga detail

AI Screen Recording


Use AI to transcribe your video into a task description, and get suggestions on what to do next.

1 Min Video = 1.8M Words


Share video directly inside tasks to expedite information transfer. Work smarter, not harder.

Balance Your Team's Workload Perfectly

Balance assignments in a way that keeps your team happy, healthy, and eager to tackle the next challenge.

Balance Workloads


Monitor your team's workloads in real time. Modify dates or reassign work to the best person for the job.

Set Capacity Based On Skill


Adjust each person's capacity based on their skill set or availability.

Measure Work By Points or Hours


Use story points or estimated hours to measure workload based on your project's needs.


See All Your Roadmaps In One Place

Track progress and drive your business forward with deep insights into your teams and projects.

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Plan in Gantt


Track milestones and plan multiple projects effectively using targets inside your Gantt chart.

View Project List


Centralize all your cross-team projects in the Project List. Customize your roadmap to display vital data

Manage Releases

View By Release

Schedule, organize, and track releases to ensure features are delivered according to plan.

view by release screenshot to help manage releases inside the software

Create Custom Dashboards

Leiga analytics dashboard showing progress of projects

Insights You'll Acutally Use

Use widgets to build a dashboard of insights you can actually use. See what improvements you can act on immediately.

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