Update Projects From Your IDE

Embed Leiga into your IDE, and stay wired in. No need to jump between screens when you can update projects with a command.

Dark mode IDE screen for developers showing a project updating itself using a command in the IDE
Timeline graphic for a generic UI display showing trends view coding time

See Where You Spend Your Coding Time

Do you spend more time building features or fixing bugs? See where you allocate your time, and make adjustments to be more productive.

Screen Record Bugs To Show Others

Instantly screen record a bug or example, and Leiga will transcribe your video to fill in the details. That's automation you can actually use.

New project task created from screen recording with video clip in the task itself
Viewing details of a task inside a project that has a chat function inside the task with a few messages sent between parties

Work When You're Most Productive

Leiga is built for remote teams. With features like screen recording, comment threads, and linking related work, collaborating across different time zones has never been easier.

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