Stop Roadblocks Before They Happen

Get a bird's-eye view of ongoing projects. Stay on track to real-time updated risk warnings and adjust your strategy in real time.

screenshot of a project table showing scheduling stop roadblocks technology
screenshot of a project inside Leiga software viewing all project roadmaps on a single page

See All Roadmaps On One Page

See all your project timelines on one page. Use that big-picture view to make more informed decisions about projects now, and in the future.

Get Insights You'll Acutally Use

Easily see time and effort contributions across multiple projects. See what improvements you can act on immediately.

screenshot with a list of projects at various levels of progress easily measured and analyzed
screenshot of assignments broken down by employee where most have balanced workloads and others are red denoting too heavy workloads

Balance Assignments Fairly

Balance assignments in a way that keeps your team happy, healthy, and eager to solve the next problem.

Encourage More Collaboration

Align your teams with tailor-made automation that fosters closer collaboration, and stronger connections.

collaboration graphic generic people connected by dotted lines and software screens
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favorite tools
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