5 Best SaaS Conferences for Exposure in 2024

Attending the right industry conferences can be a game-changer for any SaaS startup looking to gain exposure and traction.

With so many events out there, how do you know which 2024 SaaS conferences are truly worth your time and budget?

Working at a startup myself, I've learned that you need to be strategic in choosing conferences that align with your goals and audience. In this post, I'll share my top picks for the best SaaS conferences to maximize exposure opportunities in 2024.

Tell me if I'm missing anything.

2024's Best Software Conferences for Startup Exposure

Our top five picks for must-attend conferences if you're a startup founder, executive, or influencer.

SaaStr Annual Conference 2024

When it comes to premier SaaS events, SaaStr Annual takes the cake. With over 13,000 attendees flocking to San Francisco, this massive conference has over 2,000 networking meetups, and over 300 speakers.

It's a goldmine for gaining brand visibility. As a startup, be sure to check out the special "early stage startup" programming track designed just for you.

Here are the details:

  • When: September 10-12, 2024
  • Where: San Francisco, California
  • How much: $699-$1,498

South by Southwest (SXSW) 2024

South by Southwest has morphed into much more than just a music festival. Today you'll find tons of SaaS-related sessions at SXSW on topics like breakthrough technologies, AI, and experience design.

Perhaps more than any other conference or festival, SXSW attendees are hungry for the next big thing—making this a prime event for startup exposure. There are tons of sponsorship opportunities. You can even hosting brand a meetup or happy hour.

Here are SXSW 2024 details:

  • When: March 8-16, 2024
  • Where: Austin, TX
  • How much: $890-$1,835

Downtown Austin during SXSW

Inbound by HubSpot

Inbound by Hubspot is a digital marketing extravaganza with thousands of attendees. Even if you don't offer a marketing tool, the audience here will be key targets for your sales and partnership efforts.

Sponsor a piece of exclusive swag or content to catch the eyes of prospects, or make your presence known by bringing the executive team.

Here are the 2024 Inbound conference details:

  • When: September 18-20, 2024
  • Where: Boston, Massachusetts
  • How much: $899-$1,899

SaaS North

With attendees mainly from North America, SaaS North allows you to get more targeted exposure across the continent. The conference is small enough for intimate networking while still drawing an executive-level crowd. Make connections with potential partners, investors and clients.

Here are the details for SaaS North 2024:

  • When: November 13-14, 2024
  • Where: Ottawa, Canada
  • How much: $549-$1,119


This premier digital marketing conference dives deep on the SEO, content, and growth strategies we need to master as SaaS entrepreneurs.

This conference is perfect for making actual connections with type-A people. Walking away with even one new growth channel or traffic-driving idea can be game-changing in a new startup.

You'll meet tons of people in sales and marketing who can also speak the language of developers and project managers.

Here are the details if you plan to attend MozCon 2024:

  • When: June 3-4, 2024
  • Where: Seattle, Washington
  • How much: $299-$999

The major conferences above all offer stellar exposure opportunities, but they can have hefty price tags.

If your budget is tight,  check out niche or regional SaaS events that attract your target customer base. (Local startup pitch competitions are great for gaining visibility in your own backyard.)

With a strategic conference approach in 2024, your startup can gain the eyeballs and awareness needed to propel growth.

See you there!

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