Why Switching to a New Project Management Tool is Worth It

Project management has come a long way from the early 2000s, yet many teams are still using outdated legacy project management software and clunky workflows.

If your team is still manually updating tickets, struggling with poor visibility, and wasting time on administrative tasks, it may be time to upgrade to the next generation of project management software.

Here’s why switching to Leiga is worth it:

Outdated Tools Waste Time

Traditional project management software requires manually typing out ticket descriptions, comments, and updates. This is hugely time consuming for team members.

With Leiga’s AI capabilities, users can simply record narration and screen video to capture tickets, removing the need for manual documentation.

Leiga even transcribes the audio into text that can be searched later. This streamlines the process of logging and communicating issues immensely.

No More Status Scrambling

Legacy platforms lack real-time visibility into project status. Teams end up constantly asking “What’s the status on this task?” and scrambling to provide updates.

Leiga eliminates status scramble by automatically tracking progress and aggregating status reports you can view anytime. You don’t have to manually track down answers or interrupt colleagues—just check the project dashboard.

Automate Your Workflows

Tired of clunky workflows that rely on team members manually changing ticket statuses? Leiga enables creating flexible, automated workflows that mirror your process.

As soon as a ticket hits a custom trigger, Leiga can automatically transition it to the next status, assign tasks, set due dates, and more based on rules you configure. This keeps projects moving smoothly between phases without manual busywork.

Embrace AI for Project Management

Many old-school tools have tacked on “AI capabilities” that just scratch the surface of what’s possible. Leiga is built with specific features aimed at developers and project managers, like automating ticket updates and warnings of coming bottlenecks.

Instead of wasting time on administrative work, Leiga’s AI lets you focus on the meaty project tasks while it handles the tedious parts. It keeps your team focused and gives them back time.

Insights Not Just Reports

Basic project reporting shows metrics like ticket volume and completion rate. Leiga goes deeper, using AI to surface insights like which team members close tickets fastest, where bottlenecks occur, and which tasks get prioritized over others.

Leiga doesn’t just report what’s happening—it spots trends and reveals opportunities so you can continually fine tune processes.

Built for Remote Teams

Teams today are mobile and global.

Making collaboration easy is a main concern when adoptings new tools.

Leiga is built as a lightweight, intuitive platform that lets members collaborate easily from anywhere, on any device.

Easy Transition and Onboarding

Leiga’s flexible import tools let you easily migrate data from legacy systems (like JIRA). This way you'll hit the ground running.

The platform’s intuitive design accelerates onboarding so new users can quickly become productive. And Leiga’s team is available to provide onboarding assistance and get you up and running smoothly.

Enhance Your Project Management

Project management has evolved lightyears since the early 2000s. Yet many teams are still relying on outdated tools and workflows that waste time, hurt visibility, and hinder productivity.

Leiga represents the next generation of AI-driven project management that streamlines collaboration, provides unparalleled insights, and helps teams work smarter.

If your current system feels dated and clunky, switching to Leiga will pay dividends in time savings, efficiency, and team productivity.

The platform removes the burden of manual processes so you can focus on innovation and execution. Sign up today and get 50 free AI credits just for trying Leiga. It’s time to take your projects to the next level.

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