Automate Your Repetitive Tasks

Automation like you wouldn't believe. Stop reinventing the wheel and leave Leiga to repeat all your updating, assigning, and notifying.

an if then or when then grapgic showing automation with people communicating on laptops
a generic computer screen graphic of a digital list that says optimize the login page as a to-do


Give Clear Project Requirements

Create crystal clear requirements using sprint templates made for QA. Manage, evaluate, prioritize and plan—all in one place.

Daily Scrum

Improve Team Collaboration

Keep everything organized the agile way. Monitor and address potential bottlenecks with predictive notifications.

a kanban board with a red notification at the top
different groupings of shapes and colors denoting different version releases of software

Release Versions

Access a Single Source of Truth

Group cross-sprints work in release order to manage and track sprint goals clearly. Centralized work means centralized goals.

Performance Metrics

Stop Roadblocks Before They Happen

Get more insight into team performance by visualizing KPIs. Find and resolve bottlenecks before they happen to keep projects on track.

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