10 Best Free Project Management Softwares in 2024

The digital revolution has radically transformed the workspace. Project Management Software (PMS) is a must-have tool to navigate this ever-evolving landscape effectively. Among numerous options, finding a reliable free tool that meets your unique needs can be daunting.


Legia is a state-of-the-art, AI-powered project management tool that completely transforms the way we manage, track, and execute projects. It is not just a tool but an intelligent assistant that understands your project needs and tailors its functionality to meet them.

Key Features of Leiga

One of Leiga's standout features is its predictive capabilities. Through intelligent risk detection, Leiga doesn't just help you foresee potential obstacles but also guides you to mitigate them. It provides a predictive time estimation function that intelligently schedules your tasks, keeping delays at bay.

Moreover, Leiga enhances transparency across projects with its visual project tracking feature. Easy tracking allows for efficient budget control and ensures that all resources are optimally utilized.

Leiga's feature-rich platform also includes intelligent event recognition. This feature understands your project events and aligns them to your schedules, keeping your plans always up-to-date.

Moreover, Leiga boosts team collaboration like no other. With its unified workspace, it ensures everyone on the team has access to work assignments, project updates, and necessary resources, fostering a cohesive project environment.

User Experience on Leiga

Importantly, Leiga's AI technology is its game-changer. From recommending best practices based on your project's nature to providing valuable insights through its advanced analytics, Leiga's AI capabilities support you in making informed project decisions, saving you time and effort.

Overall, Leiga is more than just a project management tool. With its AI-powered capabilities and extensive features, it acts as your project companion, helping you drive project success while ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow."

Leiga receives high acclaim from its users for its innovative adoption of AI technology. Users find its proactive assistance helps them stay on top of their projects. They particularly note how Leiga stands out in automating repetitive tasks, stating, "With Leiga, we've been able to significantly cut down on time spent on routine tasks, leaving more room for strategic planning and execution."

Leiga's robust team collaboration capabilities also receive hearty praise, with one user noting, "Leiga has immensely improved our teamwork dynamics. Having all the information so easily accessible and actions so easily trackable in one place has boosted our productivity and overall team harmony."

However, like any product, Leiga also receives constructive feedback. One such instance would be, "I admire the technology, but it took a while for us to utilize Leiga's AI capabilities to our full benefit. A more comprehensive onboarding process or tutorial would be incredibly efficient for new users."

Overall, users recommend Leiga to other project management professionals, particularly those managing software development tasks and larger projects. They value its convenience, innovative features, and capabilities to profit productivity with its AI-powered automated administration.


Asana is a widely recognized project management software tool that is utilized by numerous teams. Users appreciate Asana for its visually appealing interface, which effectively organizes work through projects and sections, providing clarity on project responsibilities. Compared to other project management software solutions, Asana is user-friendly, allowing for easy task management and work assignment through its drag-and-drop feature. One concern with Asana is its reliability as it continues to grow rapidly.

Key features of Asana

Critical features of Asana include color-coded project calendars, Automation Rules for task delegation, calendar views for personal and team projects, extended timelines for resource optimization, and detailed reports on workflows and tasks. The free version of Asana offers unlimited tasks, projects, and conversations, basic dashboards, and search functionality.

User Experience on Asana

Feedback on managing projects in Asana varies, with some users noting a learning curve due to the software's complexity. However, many find Asana to be a robust project management tool once they become accustomed to its features.


ClickUp is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. With features that cater to developers, marketers, and creative agencies alike, ClickUp consolidates tasks, docs, goals, and communication into a comprehensive workspace.

Key Features of ClickUp:

ClickUp is noted for its extensive features like task assignments, status updates, priority flags, and time tracking. It also supports integrations with a variety of apps such as Slack, GitHub, and Google Drive. Its standout feature is its flexibility, allowing customization for users to tailor workflows according to their needs.

User Experience on ClickUp:

Users of ClickUp have appreciated its rich feature set and versatility. The platform's ability to customize and cater to specific industry needs has been a frequent point of praise. Users also like the intuitive interface, although a common critique lies in its learning curve due to the extensive suite of features. Despite that, the consensus is that the initial time investment in learning how to utilize ClickUp effectively pays off in the long run.


Trello is a popular and intuitive project management tool ideal for individuals and small teams. Strategically designed around boards, lists, and cards, Trello offers real-time task tracking, promoting effortless collaboration.

Key Features of Trello:

Trello boasts of its Kanban board, which visually represents the workflow and enhances the user's understanding of the project's status. The tool allows for custom backgrounds, assigning of roles, and due dates and offers unlimited storage even in its free version. While Trello's integrations extend the functionality, data manipulation of project cards has yet to see improvements regarding user permission.

User Experience on Trello:

Trello's simple and user-friendly interface has won hearts. Although it provides unlimited storage with each plan, the inability to lock data on project cards has been a notable issue. While it is excellent for managing smaller volumes of projects, handling larger-scale operations could become cumbersome.


Monday is a comprehensive project management tool option woven around providing specific project management features. It caters to diverse business sizes across different industries and packs a variety of features for e-commerce, marketing, sales pipeline management, and more.

Key Features of Monday:

Despite being a bit more complex to set up, Monday offers robust features, including budgeting tools, role assignments, and software integrations, and provides Gantt charts natively within the software. The tool, however, receives considerable critique for offering the popular Gantt chart feature only on its Standard plan.

User Experience on Monday:

Users on Monday appreciate the visual appeal and the high degree of customization. However, they also acknowledge the steep learning curve it demands. Despite the initial complexity, users recognize the value it delivers, especially for larger-scale operations, surpassing other alternatives in the market.


Hive is a project management platform optimized for seamless collaboration regardless of whether your team is back in the office or working remotely. This makes it an ideal solution for small teams, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

Key Features of Hive:

Hive features project action cards for detailed task management, a Gantt chart view for progress tracking, and integration capabilities with numerous applications. Its free version offers unlimited storage, projects, and tasks, along with email and chat functionalities.

User Experience on Hive:

Users love Hive's intuitive interface, which makes it easy even for someone without prior project management experience. It's highly recommended by users for its smooth layout and tools, which enhance collaboration across teams. So, if you're looking for a robust platform that knows project management work and can adapt to you, Hive would be a solid choice.


Bitrix24 is a unique project management solution that aims to solve multiple business needs at once. It offers task management, Kanban boards, resource management, and more, albeit with some limitations on the number of users and storage.

Key Features of Bitrix24:

Bitrix24 provides CRM integration for client project management, goal setting with deadline reminders, Gantt charts for task progression, and project time tracking. A robust toolset indeed, but some users find the interface cluttered and distracting because of extraneous graphics.

User Experience on Bitrix24:

While users appreciate the features Bitrix24 offers, they need help with the user interface. The entire experience can be frustrating due to unnecessary graphical elements that could divert attention from more critical functions of the application.


Wrike is a project management tool tailor-made for small teams. It provides an activity stream dashboard revealing who is working on what, enabling you to keep your finger on the pulse of your project.

Key Features of Wrike:

Wrike stands out with its time-tracking feature, task priorities, project dashboards, Kanban boards, and integration with over 400 other SaaS apps. However, it's significant to note that its free version is relatively limited, with the best features unlocked only in the premium plan.

User Experience on Wrike:

Users mention the tool's robust feature set, which bolsters task management remarkably. Nevertheless, some users note that setting up the tool can be a lengthy process without adequate training. Additionally, users have expressed a need for improved interconnectivity with their email systems.


Todoist is a project management application that's simple yet robust in functionality, specializing in capturing and organizing tasks across various platforms. Its primary audience is individuals and small teams looking for straightforward task management.

Key Features of Todoist:

Todoist's primary strength lies in task management, offering priority levels, due dates, and color-coded graphs for project tracking. The collaborative tools available with Todoist include assigning tasks to team members, integrated commenting, and sharing attachments. However, real-time collaboration does require transitioning to a paid plan.

User Experience on Todoist:

Todoist's simplicity is a significant selling point for users, allowing them to keep track of tasks sent by clients easily. Some users, however, have reported obstacles in integrating Google Calendar in a way that works for them. Overall, users recommend Todoist for those requiring a comprehensive to-do list tool.


TeamGantt is a project management tool that primarily focuses on Gantt charts, making it an ideal solution for individuals who prefer visual task management and scheduling. It serves as an accessible software tool for building and visualizing Gantt charts, providing a clear overview of task dependencies and team responsibilities.

Key Features of TeamGantt:

As the name suggests, TeamGantt specializes in easy-to-read Gantt charts that provide detailed scheduling and task assignments. Dependencies and milestones are easily outlined, and team availability management ensures that resources are utilized efficiently. However, the free plan does restrict the user to a single Gantt chart.

User Experience on TeamGantt:

Despite the limitation of single project access in the free version, users appreciate TeamGantt's affordability and easiness of use. The Gantt charts are hailed for their versatility, providing a visual and straightforward representation of projects. As such, TeamGantt comes highly recommended by its users for its simplicity and practicality.

Your Time to Choose

Choosing the right project management software can significantly boost productivity, team cohesion, and overall project success. As we've seen, each tool – notably Leiga – offers its unique advantages. However, the final decision depends on your team's specific needs and aspirations. Explore these options and prepare to witness a noticeable surge in your team's performance. In your quest for the perfect PM software, remember Leiga stands ready to facilitate your team's ultimate success.

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